Google Language Translator now works with Internet Explorer 11, and no longer has the issues described below.

Important Info: Google Translate (in all forms existing, not only this plugin) is being blocked by Internet Explorer 11, due to an update that Microsoft has made to Windows PCs. The specific update causing this issue is KB3071338, which is typically included in the automatic updates installed directly on your computer.

This Microsoft security update prevents our WordPress plugin scripts from communicating with Google Translation scripts, which prevents the Google Toolbar from making a translation.

More about this problem can be found directly on the Microsoft support website:

The solution for this is not available yet, although the plugin will work in any browsers except for Internet Explorer. A quick solution would be to hide the translation widget for Internet Explorer browsers, although I understand that this is not the best solution as of yet.

We hope that you still consider us for your translation solution, but we understand if this changes your purchase decision. Thanks!